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Last updated: 2011 - Nov. - 12

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Mods & Bugfixes has been updated with new versions of The Unofficial Oblivion Patch, Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch and Unofficial Official Mods Patch! Last update: 2011 - Nov. - 12

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Bugfixes (Elder Scrolls?! Here? Yes, indeed.) Last update: 2004 - Jul. - 13
Eliminated a change with the Morrowind/Tribunal/Bloodmoon text patch that could break the Bloodmoon main quest, and also fixed a couple more errors, so all three text patches have new versions.

Baldur's Gate II: Throne Of Bhaal Bugfixes contains many new fixes for bugs introduced in the expansion, and imported Shadows Of Amn bugfixes for unresolved problems. Last update: 2003 - Mar. - 08
New in this update: Throne Of Bhaal English-Language Game Text Update 1.2. This should be the final version of this update, barring any problems, and changes crossreferenced to the Shadows Of Amn mean that I can call the update to that final as well... I hope!

Baldur's Gate II: Throne Of Bhaal Tweaks & Cheats are few but ripe. Last update: 2003 - May - 11
New in this update: Latest addition: unfortunately have had to remove Sir K's multi-romance tweak for the time being.

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows Of Amn Bugfixes contains all the Shadows of Amn fixes created by myself and generous contributors. They can be all self-installed at once or downloaded separately. Last update: 2003 - Mar. - 08
New in this update: English-Language Game Text Update 1.2, containing all the fixes for the Throne Of Bhaal update's SoA areas retroactively applied, for players who haven't (yet) installed Throne of Bhaal. This should be the final version of this update.

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows Of Amn Tweaks & Cheats for "enhancements," including many from other people. Last update: 2003 - May - 11
After you've finished the game legitimately, it's fun to tinker. Perhaps one of the tweaks and cheats contained here can help your gameplaying experience. Latest addition: unfortunately have had to remove Sir K's multi-romance tweak for the time being.

My Baldur's Gate II: Shadows Of Amn Buglist which I will try to update regularly. Last update: 2001 - July - 17
Think you might have found a bug, even after installing the patch? Someone else just might have found it too, and maybe a solution for it (or at least found that there isn't one.) Misery loves company, so find out if you're alone with your problem.

Baldur's Gate I/Tales Of The Sword Coast Bugfixes now available! After weeks of effort, the immortal classic has been Baldurdashed! Last update: 2001 - July - 07
New in this update: English Language Game Text Update 1.0 for BG1 without Tales Of The Sword Coast now available. FixPack 1.1 (one bugfix added and one changed) and English-Language Game Text Update 1.1 available. 20 sets of bugfixes available separately or self-installing together. Full list of changes to Game Text listed in its installer.

"Fifty Ways To Kill Your Kangaxx" for all of us old enough to remember who Paul Simon is.
Needed a break from the bugfixes... a little lighthearted lunacy that answers the Number One Most Over-Asked Question Of All Time. Thought I was kidding when I mentioned doing this little tune before, didn't you? (Note: This page plays a MIDI, so mute your volume if you're at work.)

The Journal of Elmonster, Mage of the Realms.
Finally updated! Elmonster's adventures and experiences in Throne Of Bhaal carry his story to conclusion. Read it online or download it in ZIPped text format.

The Pantaloons Enigma has baffled many a smart Baldur's Gate 2 player, and the known facts are here.
The Enigma is finally solved by the Throne Of Bhaal expansion. Thanks to the many of you who sent in hints and tips on its solution (it was my number one source of e-mail for quite a long time.) Be advised that this page contains spoilers if you haven't finished Throne Of Bhaal or Shadows Of Amn yet.

My Personal Pages are for articles that don't fit in with the main theme of the site.
Only three articles in here so far, but expect more soon. I've taken quite an interest in cycling recently so that will probably be the dominant theme. I linked them to the main page only so they would get indexed by search engines; it's unlikely anyone would visit here for them.

This site is created and maintained by Kevin Dorner, aka Kivan Do'Urner or Elmonster when in Gaming Mode. Questions? Comments? Have some more whimsy that you'd like to see here? E-mail him at and he will try to respond between debugging sessions and other things like family, work, sleep, etc. Unfortunately for him, Kevin Dorner is not affiliated or associated in any way with Bethesda Softworks, Zenimax Media, Interplay Entertainment Corp., Bioware Corp., Black Isle Studios or any other company directly involved with the Baldur's Gate or Elder Scrolls series' or any other games based on the Infinity or NetImmerse engines.

As well, Kevin Dorner disclaims responsibility for damage caused to computer program code or data caused by using any file obtained here. He tries to test these files thoroughly and puts great care into making them work properly, but has to throw this in for legal reasons. There are a lot of opportunists out there. He will certainly try to assist if you feel you have found a problem with any of these files, but ultimately you must use them at your own risk.

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