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Last updated: 2006 - Feb. - 11

My translation of aka Schmidt Maschinenbau (Mechanical Engineering.) Schmidt is the manufacturer of the far-and-away best bicycle hub dynamo out there and perhaps the best ever made. For aficionados of high-end bike kit who wanted to read the manufacturer's own musings on their product but don't understand German, I translated their site and donated the result to them, but it never got posted, so I'll host it here. I wasn't able to translate the linked PDF files due to their use of embedded fonts, but the "Search" page works. As well, since that lowest and most disgusting of human garbage: the spammers, regularly index this site, I obfuscated all the e-mail addresses on Schmidt's original pages. Thanks to Peter White for demonstrating this technique.

The Busch & Müller Lumotech Topal bicycle lights from Germany may be the best in the world, but have an unfortunate vulnerability. As an avid night cyclist, I invested in the best light set money could buy, only to have it fail suddenly. Here's why and how to avoid it. (Bad) German translation available.

Building a 3-Leading-3-Trailing Bicycle Wheel made easy... I hope! I couldn't find a step-by-step guide anywhere to building a wheel that uses this amazing-looking pattern, so wrote this one. Some familiarity with wheelbuilding is recommended.

Security Skewers can be bypassed, both Pitlock and Pinhead aka OnGuard, so don't rely on them as your only method of keeping your wheels, seat and Aheadset fork safe. This article is very short and does not explain how this is done, but something tells me it's going to get more hits than the rest put together...