Worldwide Suppliers


Our dealers are usually specialists in the trade. If your favorite dealer does not stock our products, please refer them to us; we will gladly supply documentation. Our regular dealers have the ability to demonstrate the SON and switched headights for you directly, thus you may purchase without ordering or waiting for their arrival.
If there is no suitable dealer in your area, please contact us by telephone or . You can also find information on our delivery service and prices.

Worldwide Sales Partners

UK: Kinetics
Saint John Street Cycles
CH: Vitelli
NL: Gerritsen & Meijers, Ingenieurs
BE: Velodroom
F: Gilles Berthoud Creations
DK: Danish Cyclist Federation
SE: Veloform
IS: Icelandic Mountain Bike Club
USA: Peter White Cycles See website for e-mail
AUS: St. Kilda Cycles