[Note: this page is obsolete on this translation but has been included for completeness.]

SON - Schmidt's Original Hub Dynamo

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Some information about the SON can be found at:


Generator Drag (measured in Watt) shown at speeds between 5 and 30 km/h

Hub Drag (measured in Watt) with lights switched off


Translation of the terms used in the diagrams:
[Note: this table is also no longer required as the diagrams have been translated]
SON(neues Modell)  SON (recent model)
andere getriebelose Nabendynamos other gearless hub generators
Walzen-, Speichen- und Getriebe-Nabendynamos, neuere Seitendynamos bottom bracket dynamos, hub generators with gearing, recent bottle dynamos
hochwertige Vorderradnabe high quality front wheel hub