Information on Bicycle Lighting

Name Language Subject URL
Olaf Schultz German Measurement data, theory, background
Olaf Schultz / Andreas Oehler German Headlight comparison, photo illustrations, measurement data
Martin Trautmann German Review of Dynamos (somewhat outdated)
Peter de Leuw German Review of bicycle lighting
Velo Plus German Measurement data for dynamos 2004
Velo Plus German Comparison of current hub dynamos including measurement data 2004
Audax UK English Test reports, measurement data
bikecurrent English FAQ, battery installation, headlights
Magnus Bergson Icelandic Battery installation on SON

Detailed magazine articles on dynamo lighting systems

Magazine Edition Subject
ADFC Radwelt 1/98(S.67ff.) Test-stand comparison of hub dynamos
Aktiv Radfahren 1-2/05(S.98ff.) Comprehensive representation of current lighting installations, test-stand comparisons of hub dynamos, switched headlights, LED headlights (in German)
8(S.19ff.;S.22ff.), 24(S.14ff.), 47(komplett.) In-depth information on the structure and function of dynamos. Includes computer models and measurement data.
Cycle Touring & Camping 2/98(48ff.) Test stand comparison of dynamos available at the time, with much detailed accompanying text.
Trekkingbike 4/04(S.70ff.) Company profile of Schmidt Mechanical Engineering