Technical Data

Electrical Ratings:  6V / 3W (per German vehicle standards)
German vehicle standards #:  ~~~K179
Allowed wheel diameters:  26" - 28"
Efficiency:  65% at 15 km/h (10 miles/hr)
Power loss during no-load operation:  0.5 Watt at 15 km/h (10 miles/hr)
Magnet rotor:  Neodymium-Iron-Boron, 26-pole
Contacts:  4.8mm flat pin, two pole, floating
Wiring:  Coaxial cable, 3 mm
Switching:  Switched on/off by headlight
Axle:  Cold-formed stainless steel, 10-mm diameter
Bearings:  Grooved ball bearings, 629 2RS1
Seals:  Space sealing and gaskets
Hub housing: Polished Aluminum 6012
Spoke holes:  36 or 32
Weight:  580 g (without skewer)
Full supply name (for ordering):  Schmidt's Original Hub Dynamo and hexagonal nut skewer

Special Models Also Available

SON20: for 16"-20" wheel diameters 
(compliant with German vehicle standard ~K165)
'S' models: for International Standard 2000 compliant disc brakes 
(this includes all current Magura and Shimano models)
Alternate spoke hole numbers: 24, 28, 40, 48
Alternate color: Black anodized (only on SON28/SON28S with 32 spoke holes)