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Last updated: 2006 - Sep. - 23

Unofficial Oblivion Patch Image Gallery

A selection of Quarn's handiwork (and a couple from me) on some of the fixes in the Unofficial Patch

Ayleid Latticework Door

This see-through mesh and texture is found on the square wrought-iron doors in Ayleid ruins. Two of these square latticeworks are also used as the supports for the Keyhole Pillar in the Thieves Guild Ultimate Heist quest.

Escutcheon of Chorrol

A normal map is an image of the surface of the object with light and dark areas that represent height "normal" (mathematical term for at right angles) to the surface of the object. It provides an embossed texture with far less processing and space than putting the embossing into the mesh of the object. This beautifully restored shield can be obtained in the Sins of the Father quest by returning the Honorblade of Chorrol to Laythe Wavrick, Herald to the Countess.

Imperial Library Stained-Glass Skylight Ceiling

There would be no Oblivion world without the work of the numerous talented artists who brought it into existence. I wonder how many hours that it took to create the texture for this stained glass, only to have it never appear in the release due to a simple typo. You can find this newly-magnificent ceiling in the Imperial Library during the Thieves Guild Ultimate Heist Quest. Admire it by all means, but convey not your appreciation to the monks who study there!

Imperial Watch Gauntlets

The Imperial Watch Gauntlets, also, may just be admired. Unfortunately these items aren't available to the player, but as with so much else there are mods that can change this.

Zombie Hair

Zombies aren't the most decorative beings in Tamriel, but at least their hair is now suitably undead. You can find them in many caverns.

Silver Dagger/Shortsword Sheath

The texture for the sheaths of Silver Shortswords and Daggers didn't, and couldn't, wrap around it properly without gaps like these, so it was changed to a plain black, which matches the sheaths of Silver Longswords.

Blood decal alpha channel

The alpha (transparency) object for blood decals was too large and square instead of the shape of the bloodstain. In the "before" screenshot, note what the blood decal has done to the carpet's tassels.

Imperial City Temple District LOD

The distant LOD (Level Of Detail) data was missing from the Imperial Temple District. White Gold Tower couldn't be seen from it, but notice that the district walls are now more prominent.

Kvatch Exterior

The three MQ13 (Defense of Bruma) Oblivion Gates didn't look quite right when closed. Turns out all the meshes were there, but had been flagged as invisible.

Anvil Exterior

And finally, a few from me. Anvil's Chapel of Dibella wasn't present in the exterior view of the town. It makes quite a difference!

Anvil Distant Exterior

A distant view of Anvil from the nearby hills. As well as the Chapel of Dibella, the chapel's Cloister was missing, and the distinctive player's home Benirus Manor appeared as a generic house.

Kvatch Exterior

Less prominent, but still noticable, Kvatch's ruined Chapel of Akatosh was also missing from the outside view.