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Baldur's Gate II: Shadows Of Amn Tweaks & Cheats

Last updated: 2003 - May - 11

Scripts, items, and other things to "enhance" your gameplay that weren't intended by the developers are here. All of the downloads on the Bugfixes page are not cheats in that they abide by the intentions of the developers, so you can install them at anytime, but it's recommended to complete your first game at least without too many of the "enhancements" here lest you ruin your gaming experience. Anything not named by creator was made by me, otherwise, creators are indicated.

Simply click the disk icon to download the file. Files are ZIPped so require WinZip, PKUnzip or equivalent. All these downloads include description/instructions, and they can all be installed without any instructions (they go in the Override folder.) Please make sure to read the ReadMe files included with all of these archives!

IMPORTANT: None of these files (unless indicated) should be installed on top of the Throne Of Bhaal expansion! If you already have Throne Of Bhaal installed, do not install any of these tweaks or cheats. If you disregard this warning, your Baldur's Gate 2 installation could be damaged, requiring a complete reinstallation!

Green icon indicates new or changed in the most recent update. Titles in italics may be considered "tweaks" rather than "cheats" and used by purists who want to avoid cheating in any form.
Download Universal Carsomyr Universal Carsomyr is back by popular demand, trivial though this hack is. It simply allows any character that can use a two-handed sword to take advantage of the usually paladin-specific Carsomyr. Also includes the Throne Of Bhaal upgraded version; works with or without ToB.
Download Bonus CD Merchants Bonus CD Merchants are for those who don't have the Collector's Edition or Pre-Order Edition of BG2 but would like to access the items for sale by Joluv in the Copper Coronet and Deidre in the Adventure Mart. These merchants will appear when the files are installed. This update was being distributed primarily by BGDungeon, but as BGDungeon seems to have disappeared, I offer them here. Thanks to Interplay and BioWare for allowing these files to be distributed, so that all BG2 players have access to the same items.
Download Inoshiro's Better-Looking Robe Of Vecna Inoshiro's Better-Looking Robes Of Vecna don't change the gameplay of these robes, so purists can use them, but do make them look a little less like marching band apparel. Several different colour schemes are included .
Download Karzak's Skip Introduction Scripts Karzak's Skip Introduction Scripts are for repeat BG2 players who are getting tired of watching the introduction in Irenicus' dungeon over and over. Karzak has noticeably shortened it to about a quarter of its original time, and as one would expect from our favourite half-orc, it's funny as well. As I restored the two points of damage Irenicus causes the protagonist, purists can consider this a Tweak rather than a Cheat and use it guilt-free.
Download Gebhard Blucher's Bottomless Bag Of Holding Gebhard Blucher's Bottomless Bag Of Holding isn't exactly limitless (what is?) but I was able to throw about two thousand items in it during testing without anything disappearing or being duplicated. Packrats of the Realms: your bag is here. Great for holding ammo. (Note: this won't take effect in a current game if you have already found and opened the Bag Of Holding, as it's then contained in your savegame file.)
Download Sir Kalthorine Ut Wistan's Happy Group Scripts Sir Kalthorine Ut Wistan's Happy Group Scripts go even further than the Evil Overrides. Not only will your group be free of fighting and squabbles no matter who you travel with, but your reputation shouldn't cause anyone to leave either, neither good nor neutral characters when it gets too low, nor evil characters when it gets too high. And no whining from the neutrals at reputation extremes either!
Download Sir Kalthorine Ut Wistan's Evil Override Dialogs Sir Kalthorine Ut Wistan's Evil Override Dialogs have been updated, now providing a simpler and more effective change to prevent Edwin, Korgan, and Viconia from suddenly leaving your group if your reputation happens to reach 18 or greater, which will break the Viconia romance and can leave your group in a bit of a rough spot if it happens in an out-of-the-way place. Sir K. recommends trying this one if you downloaded it previously.
Download BG1 Imported Character Items Keeper BG1 Imported Character Items Keeper is something I cooked up for a few people who asked if such a thing was available. Installing these files will allow imported BG1 characters to keep all their BG1 items, including Drizzt's, with no reprisals from Malchor Harpell or anyone else. Drizzt may still become angry if you do have his things, but you can talk him out of it if your reputation is sufficient. As well, taking his friends' items is still a bad idea! Since they weren't present in BG1, however, this doesn't apply.
Download Shut Up 'You Must Gather Your Party...' Shut Up 'You Must Gather Your Party...' replaces the arguably most annoying sound in BG2 (which we've put up with for two games as it was also recycled from BG1) with silence. Now if only I could do the same with Anomen...
Download TeamBG's Experience Point Cap Remover TeamBG's Experience Point Cap Remover removes the 2,950,000 experience point cap that all classes are restricted to. Characters can then advance to Level 40, at which point the game stops further advancement (but if this isn't enough, what is?)
Download James Shumacher's TeamBG Grandmastery Patch James Shumacher's TeamBG Grandmastery Patch is an alteration I'd prefer to throw into the Bugfixes, if only it wasn't deliberate. In IWD, BG1 and AD&D guidelines, going from 4 to 5 proficiency points in a weapon reduces THAC0 by 1, adds 1 to damage rolls, and gives an extra attack per round to 5/2. In BG2, it only adds one to damage. Rather takes the "Grand" out of "Grandmastery" I think. Install this patch to restore Grandmastery to what it was.
Download Extended Mage/Cleric Spell Tables Extended Mage/Cleric Spell Tables I made for those who have removed the experience point cap with the file above or its equivalent direct from TeamBG. With it, mages can earn spells to level 25 (five spells from levels 1 to 9) and clerics to level 30 (nine spells from levels 1 to 7 + bonus spells for high Wisdom) as per AD&D high-level character tables. (Note: If your character(s) are already over the cap limit, the new spell slots will appear on their next Level Up, not immediately.)
Sir Kalthorine Ut Wistan's Concurrent Romances Scripts are offline Sir Kalthorine Ut Wistan's Concurrent Romances Scripts I have unfortunately pulled offline as I have received too many reports that they caused a "stutter" bug when more than one romanceable female NPC was in the group at certain points in the game. It is recommended to use Sabre's concurrent romance scripts as they are reported to be free of known bugs, at least until this is resolved. (Stutter = character stops walking to a destination point, won't cast spells, twitches when standing. Usually caused by a bounce between their scripts, ie one character's script has: if variable A = B then set it to C and the second will have: if A = C then set it to B, so an endless loop occurs between them.)
Download All-Race Romances All-Race Romances for characters who need a little love and have been denied it. It allows all character races to have any of the romances available. (Note: This will not affect a current game, only a newly started one...and this isn't the script that will allow all three to run'll find that scriptset by Kalthorine Ut Wistan above. This one just eliminates the arguably unfair and arbitrary racial checks. The BugFixes version of this file only enables Half-Orcs to have a romance with Viconia, as this was what the developers intended.)
Download Blunt-Damage Thrown Dwarven Thrower All-Blunt Dwarven Thrower for those who requested it. When does a hammer do piercing damage? When it's the Dwarven Thrower, the only accessible throwing hammer in Baldur's Gate 2. You might find it a bit overpowered like this as everything is vulnerable to blunt damage, but it is kinda fun to cause the "chunky death" of Goblins and other minor enemies from a distance. Enjoy. (Note: This also incorporates the bugfixes of a missing point of melee damage and the thrown & melee ability icons being the same. Click the BugFixes link for the version without the thrown blunt damage.)
Download Wormy Hellcar's Universal Ioun Stones Wormy Hellcar's Universal Ioun Stones are items I'd love to include in the Bugfixes, but the developers have stated that they really did want to restrict mages, bards and other characters who can't wear helmets from using them, though they were invented in AD&D by a mage for mages. This is in reality probably due to a hard-coding in the Infinity engine whereby anything in the "head" slot protects against critical hits as a helmet and this ability can't be removed. Here they are for all characters to use if you can't get them from Wormy's page...

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